Wednesday, June 6, 2018

In Progress

Bear With Me, No Matter What - PDF
This story follows the characters from my first book into their next sibling adventure. After a rocky start Owen and Gary have discovered what a blessing a sibling can be. But during a family vacation to visit cousin Nicholas, Owen begins to feel like a third wheel; Nicholas is only interested in Gary the bear. Three is rarely a magic number in families and friendships and Owen and Gary are forced to find out what makes their relationship special, no matter what.

We All Live Together - series
This whimsical series switches out animal attributes with a simple lift-the-flap format.

Otis and the Australians - Ch. 1 - 2
This graphic hybrid explores the crossover of science and journalism through an elementary school mystery plot. Otis is unwillingly dragged out of his comfort zone when the science lab is forced to share space with the school newspaper. In an act of guileless sabotage, Owen joins the news staff. He soon finds that his foundation as a fact respecting scientist is desperately needed on the newspaper staff... and he finds the mystery vexing, perplexing and irresistible.
As a third grade teacher I am always trying to find interesting way to infuse my curriculum with the concepts that are the foundation of the Common Core Standards. I like to think of this book as a gift to myself (and teachers like me); it's a way to disguise some Common Core with mystery and humor.

What Does Australia Have to Do with Anything?
This is an unconventional story. Don't read it... if you dare.

Nate Benny and the Snakes
Frog and Toad meets Louis L'Amour.
I teach third grade. Every year I work with a crop of students who enjoy the antic adventures of Dav Pilkey's books, but who pine for more sincere adventure fare. I've watched countless students sitting in the book nook watching a Tintin book for half an hour even though they can't process the abundance of words. They want the same raw adventure they get from movies and t.v. but with language they can decipher. Nate Benny and the Snakes is my attempt to quench that thirst. It's a western chocked full of morality, stoicism and danger, but it's written in language suitable for second and third graders.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Barnes and Noble on the 3rd Street Promenade, Saturday July 12 at 11:00. ME FIRST storytime with Max Kornell

Saturday, July 12th at 11:00
Barnes and Noble on the Promenade in Santa Monica
ME FIRST reading, signing and fun times

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

For Harriet

Covers of my pictures books: donkeys and a bear (and a boy.)

Handmade tee-shirt silkscreens

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Governor Jerry Brown

Jerry Brown for the LA Times,0,2749805.story

George Soros

George Soros for the LA Times,0,2749805.story

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Spot of Tea

For the LA Times

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